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Published on Jun 02, 2022

2022/23 State budget was handed down last night and unfortunately there are no nice surprises.


Across the state, the Ambulance Station Boost promises $67.2 Million to establish 4 new metro, 4 regional rebuilds and upgrade 10 stations. This project includes the new project for Victor Harbor Ambulance Station.

The TAFE upgrade project is $562,000 budgeted to be shared between Victor Harbor and Mount Barker.

Projects maintained from the previous Liberal government budget:

The former government budgeted $15.43 Million to expand the South Coast District Hospital Emergency Department from six beds to 14 beds. The previous ED unit will be refurbished for a Renal Unit. This project has remained in the budget, with $5 Million of the spend to be in this financial year.

“Improvement to the local hospital is critical to support community members receiving quality health care close to home and reducing the load on ambulance traffic”.

Funding for the upgrade of the Goolwa Ambulance Station was also budgeted for by the previous Liberal Government.

The Liberal government budgeted $43 Million for the Causeway project and this Labor government has carried over the Liberal commitment of $5.74 million to complete works this financial year.

“Good news is that projects formerly budgeted by the Liberal government have not been cut this budget”.

“Disappointing news is how little new investment is in our region when compared with more than $150 Million new spend in our neighbouring Labor seat of Mawson”.

State-wide, the vehicle replacement budget for Ambulances is at the lowest amount since 2019.

The Labor government budget is a 25% reduction on Liberal government spend last year and less than half what was spent 2 years ago.

State-wide there is a $15.9 Million reduction in the Primary Industries allocation. Programs and services will need to be cut, but we are yet to be advised about this.

“This budget is not good enough for our region.”

This budget shows a disregard for the electorate of Finniss. Over the recent 16 years of Labor government our region was neglected in health, roads, and projects. By contrast, the last four years in more than $125 Million was spent in Finniss electorate to create, maintain, or upgrade schools, clubs, roads, hospital, open spaces and support businesses.

“The only people that care about Finniss and have a history of delivering in Finniss is the Liberal Government.”

Media Information: Catherine Jamieson 8552 2152